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Within many years, with our business adapting to changes on the market of natural chinchilla pelts, we closely follow the work of the Kopenhagen Fur auction.

Seasonal reports from the auction provide informations on future trends.


The winter season 2021 restarted the fur fashion again!  On the last Kopenhagen Fur Auction at the beginning of Januray the top lot was sold for over 73 Euros per pelt, we think that was not a surprise to all producers. The situation on the market is quite positive. We can observe progressive demand for ready chinchilla garments. Producing season has started with the end of Kastoria Fur Fair. Among farmers opinions are devided because the market is still overloaded with vast numbers of low quality pelts of uncertain orgin. Most of the skins from current production are in very low quality because the trend among farming branch is "closing", people are doing what they can to get their money back. No wonder that such a situation generates more and more poor quality damaged pelts. When in some part of EU countries farms are closing because of low market prices, opposite is in Moldavia and Romania farmers still count for chance to do some business. We receive emails and calls from around the world written by chinchilla producers who are looking for new buyers. And again this can last for quite a long period. Only the highest quality standard pelts and the lowest cost of breeding is the option for surviving on the international market. We hope that next auctions in 2021 will speed up the chinchilla fur market.


In last auction almost all pelts were sold from the stock, what gives good perspective for future trends. Demand was high however the prices seems to stay on similar level with little plus to total average quote. Is it a chance that this year will bring more customers to garment producers? 


Sales results presented the highest possible price to achieve on the global market.

This applies not only to the individually selected lots of skins, but also to the average of the sales of all categories of pelts which is higher by at least 40% compared to the real market prices.


You should ask yourself: why is this happening?


Does the 40% higher price stand for the unique quality, unreachable anywhere else?


The answer is: no.


Let us explain. Copenhagen Fur is mainly an ideal place to promote manufacturers.

Most of them buy small quantities of goods at auction by pushing up the prices. In return they get quality certificates and certificates of origin of the material - which is a good, recognizable way of advertisement. In the meantime, their real production is based on skins purchased from broker international companies, such as DANMAX.

This is how works each fur auction doesn't matter if its in Denmark, Beijing or Hong Kong.


To understand how works fur market it is better to concentrate on exhibitors from fur fairs around the world.

Each exhibition starts new season presenting top trends in fashion. Events like The One Milano, a former MIFUR, Hong Kong Fur Fair, Beijing Fur Expo, Kastoria Fur Fair these are the most important trading platforms in fur industry. The fur expo season usually starts in January and lasts until April each year. These exhibitions gather thousands of visitors among which are buyers and owners of companies from around the world. This is why visiting The One Milano you can meet people not only from European market but also from China, Canada, Middle East like Turkey and even South American countries.


After many years of experience in wholesale of thousands of pelts each year, we have developed a standard which Kopenhagen Fur will never be able to beat.

We have the best quality products to offer in prices not only lower than the average price from the auction in Copenhagen, but also cheaper than companies operating in the European market.


Our secret to success is hundreds of suppliers from chinchilla farms who, knowing our potential,  invest their time to cooperate with us on long term conditions. By stability and development through fast cash transactions, the farmers are moving away from sending their skins to auction where they have to wait for their money for many months.




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